We know the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your home. That’s why our founder Charlie decided to start the business CG Plumbing earlier this year, utilising his past experience in the plumbing field and the plethora of contacts made already to deliver high-quality and consistent service. CGPlumbing is a family-based business that aims to provide quick, high-quality and reliable services to those in Cambridge, Hertfordshire, and Essex.

We take pride in the work we do, and we believe that our customers share such feelings; that’s why we encourage you to read our reviews on Yell, Checkatrader and Google to get an idea of the great service we strive to deliver.

Charlie Gaskin (Owner and Founder)

Charlie completed his apprenticeship with Dover Plumbing and Heating ltd whilst also completing a part-time college course at Cambridge Regional College. During his time at Dover, Charlie worked and gained experience on large commercial and residential sites, and also spent some time in London. After completing his college course, Charlie was approached by Nick Selves Plumbing and Heating. It was here that Charlie was able to hone his skills in more domestic plumbing. Alongside this, Charlie started building his own business doing private jobs and creating his own contacts and clientele at the weekends. After that, Charlie worked for DYNO (on behalf of British Gas) as an engineer specialising in all household works. Wanting more autonomy with his work, Charlie moved back to Nick Selves Plumbing and Heating so he had more spare time available for private jobs at the weekend. Since April 2020, Charlie has been working for himself full time with great success. In this short time, Charlie has already gained the trust of many customers both large and small. He has the contract for maintenance of the Audley End estate, as well as a contract for 150 NHS houses in Cambridge.

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Connaugh Gaskin MSc (Marketing and Business Manager)

Connaugh studied at the University of East Anglia for 4 years, completing both his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. At an undergraduate level, he studied Marketing and Management where he achieved a 1st. After excelling in his course, he was awarded a part scholarship to continue his studies at UEA where he completed his master’s in Management and was commended for being top of his course, achieving a high distinction. Connaugh has a range of marketing experience working with small businesses in Norwich. Having worked closely with his brother Charlie, since his time back from University they have decided to work together to try and grow the business.

CG Plumbing, a partnership years in the making.

We understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to you home, and that’s why at CGPlumbing we aim to help you to the best of our ability; whether it be through the use of our 24/7 emergency hotline, or from our reliable, honest and experienced specialists, we will not rest until you are satisfied.

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