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What is Power Flushing

Power flushing is the process of using a specialised machine and cleaning agents to conduct a high-pressure wash of your system. . It is very effective, with results becoming visible during the cleaning process. A large magnet inside the cleaner catches all the metal debris from the system which – if left untouched – can cause damage and inefficiencies in your system. The wash will also flush out the dirt that has built-up in your system, and we will continue this process until the water in your system becomes clear.

This problematic build-up of dirt occurs because the heating system at your home works as a closed system. Unlike the mains water running through your home, heating systems do not have fresh water continuously running through and out of the system. Instead, it just gets pushed round your system. We recommended that power flushes are conducted every 5 years to ensure your systems do not become too clogged up.


Why May I Need A One?

Reduced Efficiency

A build-up of sludge, rust and limescale within your heating system can cause leaks and blocked pipes. Dirty water within your system can also cause heating problems and reduce the overall efficiency of your system.

Boiler Breakdowns

Clogged boilers and pumps cause boiler breakdowns, with approximately 87% of UK breakdowns being due to this dirty water throughout the heating system (British Gas).

Potential Signs That Your System Could Benefit from a Power Flush

  • Do your radiators suffer from cold spots at the bottom or middle of your radiators?
  • Does your boiler ever shut down and require restarting?
  • Does your system take quite a while to warm up?
  • Are your radiators quite noisy?

These are all potential signs that your radiators may be suffering from a build-up of sludge, rust and limescale, and would most likely benefit from a power flush.


Savings and Efficiency

  • Power flushing helps to heat your home faster, which can save on energy and decrease your bills.
  • Power flushing to decrease system wear and tear whilst also protecting your boiler.


The Process and Results




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